• Zombies on a Boat!

    If you’re reading this, you were probably part of a zombie infection on the recent JoCo cruise.  We’d love to hear what you thought of our little game!  Also, anyone posting here will be entered into a raffle for a zombie themed game! Details forthcoming.  Only people with a valid email will be eligible.  Drawing to be held in June, 2018.

  • San Antonio New Year

    I have never experienced such ruckus as New Years Eve in San Antonio. The fireworks went on for an hour or more. It was really incredible to witness! We have had quite a few fun activities here. We’ve visited beautifully preserved monasteries, attended PAX, saw the Alamo and the Riverwalk. I have to say I don’t think I will be back here until Google maps can tell exactly which road. Never-the-less, we had a fantastic time here. .

  • Hannah’s education

    We get some mixed feedback about our choice to travel and teach Hannah on the road. I’ve spent a LOT of time worrying and a lot of time reading about what is best for her at this age and where she should be at in her abilities. She is 4 (almost 5) and many kids would be in pre-school right now. As I read about the curriculum and practices at schools I am more and more and more confident in what we are doing. I do not follow the papers I was given exactly from K12- in fact they are really just more of guideline and some fun books to read then a curriculum for now. Her education is coming mostly from our walks and talks about what she sees…and what she sees changes every month. The people she meets are diverse and have all sorts of fun things to share with her. She was able to throw clay in Ohio, and visit with the professionals who care for the big cats and manatees at the zoo. She got to pick cotton in Mississippi. All before she is 5. I can’t wait to find new things we can show her when

  • Don’t be too jealous of our traveling life. :)

    So I have heard a little bit from some of my family and friends about how they are vicariously living through our adventures and how they are so jealous of what we are doing. I mean- agreed, we have this AWESOME opportunity to do fun things more often then if we were stationary, but I’d like to help some of you appreciate a few of the conveniences you’d give up were you to live like this EVERY DAY ALL DAY. 😀 Don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely loving our travels and what we are doing and I do not see myself ever having a huge house again, but with all the fun and all the freedom comes some truly frustrating situations. a. My shower. I miss my beautiful tub and shower and water pressure. Depending on where we are parked we cannot seem to get more than a slow drool. I could have every sink flowing and the washer and dryer running at my previous home and it still had more pressure then we do now. b. Pantry space. This is my pantry – 3 small cupboards. I can not go shopping and see things that I might cook

  • Bottled Energy

    I cannot believe with all our technology we haven’t found a way to SAFELY harness the energy of your average 4 year old. Obviously Mall of America was a necessity and that was one of the first places we visited after parking here in Faribault, MN. The place is massive and I never did walk the whole thing, though I’m pretty sure Art did. We have a watch for Hannah that tracks her steps and I’m sure she could’ve walked through the wholestructure before noon on the first day! Seriously- that child consistently hits 10,000 steps before 11am even if we haven’t left Serenity. How does she do that? She has 25 feet from front to back to walk! The mall is pretty cool just for the fact that it is sooo humongous. But it really is just a mall. The lego store was actually worth it though- Hannah spent more time standing at the minifig counter than I’ve seen her do anything else ever – except maybe sleep. She walked away (after two years of my life) with 3 minifigs that she says are her, me, and Gramma Kandi. There were also a number of Discovery and game stores that I found

  • OH the humidity!!

    Week 7 in Minnesota. The temperature is all over the place from 65 to 100, but what remains consistent is the humidity! My goodness – I never realized how dry Northern Idaho was. I noticed after we were here a couple weeks that nobody has sprinklers in their lawn and it is now mid July and everything is still so green! No question though, it is beautiful. Driving around here – Art and I catch ourselves singing America the beautiful song. Another thing I found interesting is the lack of landmarks once you are out of town. I’ve always had mountains to reference, to give me some sense of direction. Here the terrain is corn field, trees, cornfield, trees, corn field trees, then silos. You can’t even use the silos as a reference point because they are all built almost exactly the same. I HAVE to use GPS just to avoid not getting lost if I’m outside of town even a little bit. I’ve found its best just to let Art drive me wherever I wanna go. I keep an eye on our location on my phone and tell him when he was suppose to turn. That’s what I’m best

  • Como Park Zoo – Butterflies!

    So here’s the famous butterfly encounter at the Como Zoo.  Watch the video (by clicking it anywhere) and you might get a chance to hear Hannah giggle or even see her in action!  I apologize for the quality, as I was too busy trying to not step on butterflies than to actually watch the video. The whole experience is very similar to one Kimberly and I had on San Marteen.  There’s a butterfly farm there (which gets wiped out by hurricanes every decade or so) a lot like this one, only slightly bigger.  The only real difference was that we got to see butterflies in chrysalis, and some even in cacoons. It’s sad that butterflies have become so rare, but if you want to see some monarchs in your garden plant milkweed!  Go to the following websites to learn more about how you can attract butterflies to your gardens, even get free seeds! http://www.saveourmonarchs.org/ http://www.thebutterflyfarm.com/ http://www.nwf.org/Butterfly-Heroes.aspx  

  • Como Park and Zoo

    (click anywhere in the above video to start it) Minneapolis has a great park called Como park.  It’s a huge park with swimming pools, walking paths, an amusement park, zoo, and conservatory.  Hannah and I only spent a day there, visiting only the zoo and conservatory.  The park is completely free, running only on donations.  In the header image above, you can see that the zoo and conservatory are actually attached.  It’s a beautiful place, and we fully intend to go back some time. Hannah says her favorite part was the monkeys and the tent full of butterflies.  I’ll admit, the butterfly tent/garden was a lot of fun.  It was full butterflies and you could watch them chase each other and eat fruit and nector. If you were lucky, one might even land on you.  They had a very strict entrance and exit policy, not want any of the butterflies to escape.  They had ‘airlocks’ on both ends, and you had to inspect everyone before the outside door was opened.  If you were lucky enough for one to land on you, you had to wait until it decided to take flight again before you could exit.  They didn’t want to

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  • Hannah’s Favorite Place

    We went to the Mall of America a few weekends ago, and discovered Hannah’s favoritist place in the world!  Can you guess what it is?  Can you guess what she wants for her birthday?  Here’s a couple more images.  One of the statues above the store, and another of the view from the front door.  For those that don’t know, the mall has an amusement park in the middle of it.  Hannah wanted to ride all the rides, but unfortunately only a couple were age appropriate.  We’ve been back to the play area a few times and she loves going there every single time.

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