Upton, Wyoming

Planting Pine Cones
Planting Pine Cones

First day in Upton May 16th, Hannah and I headed out to check out the local sites. Our Amazing hosts Vickie and Guy have given us some local info to help us on our way, but I chose to get lost in town. (Art had to stay and work of course)

I left Serenity and almost immediately headed out of town (oops- wrong turn). So we turned around and explored a little of the local housing. After about 20 minutes of checking stuff out I found the Red Onion Museum!! I was actually really excited thinking that there was a whole museum in a town of 800+ dedicated to red onions – which I assumed was the chosen crop of local farmers. I was soooo wrong. The woman at the museum was great and gave me a tour of the history of the town. Red Onion actually comes from a bar that was established in the early 1900’s when the town was just beginning. They often named things ‘red’ at that time because they thought it sounded happier or cheerier (as the museum woman pointed out – I wish I’d gotten her name, lets call her…Martha, she looks like a Martha maybe). So Martha showed us two stories of an old home converted into the history of the quaint town of Upton. She was patient with Hannah’s impatience, and kept going through her stories regardless of my constantly shifting eyes to my four year old.

This museum was quite a find. I learned so many interesting things about this place. It opened my eyes so much to what we are doing and the experiences Hannah is going to have. If we can find fun and interesting people and things in such a small town on the edge of Wyoming, I can’t imagine us EVER getting bored no matter where we are. I’m very excited for our travels.

The people here are absolutely amazing. I have not met one person that isn’t super friendly and accommodating.

Loving life and living the dream!

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  1. Avatar charlette hart
    charlette hart says:

    Love to hear local history and your stories

  2. Avatar Carly Borgelt
    Carly Borgelt says:

    Yes red is a happy word for example GOT “red wedding” a fun time had by all.