We knew we had to go to Wisconsin for some cheese-because of course you do. On our way we stopped at a place we found called the Crystal Cave. Very interesting. I was concerned that claustrophobia was going to cause us to cut the tour short but both Hannah and I were fine to the very bottom at 70 feet below the surface. Even when our guide had us turn all our lights out and it was so dark that we could not even see our own hands in front of our faces. To be honest I don’t think I would have done it if we didn’t have a tour guide.  I figure there is a reason we humans have usually built our dwellings above ground. I’m not a bat with an innate sense of direction, in fact – as most of you know I could get lost in my backyard. Caves are right out!

It was still fun though and I might even do it again!

On to the cheese – so we walk into a little store whose sole purpose was to supply its customers, namely me, with the best culinary invention ever – cheese. We were so excited! The shop wasn’t all that big – maybe 20 x 30, but it was all cheese!! Needless to say our cheese budget was blown for the month, and YES, we have a cheese budget! Don’t judge me. I mean, its really Hannahs fault, she eats a lot of cheese.

So we get home and put the cheese away – all but the squeaky cheese curds that didn’t quite make the trip home. In our defense it was like a 50 minute drive so they had little chance. The next day I slice into a particularly interesting looking cheddar that provided its own bacon. ummm..yeah…bacon. So if you don’t compare these cheeses to say Jarlsberg or Brie or something it really is quite tasty! I expected something different but it is all basically a mild to medium cheddar mixed with interesting ingredients. I don’t think I would need to go back to that particular place to get more just because I could probably add my own bacon to some mild cheddar to get a similar result. It’s perfect for sandwiches and grilled cheese, and melting for a yummy dip. I realized that I was expecting something different at first but once I shed the idea that it needed to be some sort of gourmet uniqueness that I’ve never had the likeness of, I was able to appreciate the simple and delicious Wisconsin cheddar for what it was. It doesn’t belong on a fancy cheese tray with walnuts and pomegranate and Crostini some crazy expensive jelly. It belongs on Ritz crackers and maybe a thin slice of summer sausage.


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  1. Avatar Auntie Judy
    Auntie Judy says:

    Hey, WI doesn’t have anything on ID. Nampa has a great little cheese factory with windows to watch the process. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourselves. Thanks for sharing your experiences/adventures.
    Love and hugs,
    Auntie Judy

    • Didn’t they close that one down, or did they just move? We use to stop there for the squeaky cheese, and I remember the big windows. They changed hands and now its not open for the public anymore. A friend of mine bemoans that fact all the time.