OH the humidity!!

Week 7 in Minnesota. The temperature is all over the place from 65 to 100, but what remains consistent is the humidity! My goodness – I never realized how dry Northern Idaho was. I noticed after we were here a couple weeks that nobody has sprinklers in their lawn and it is now mid July and everything is still so green! No question though, it is beautiful. Driving around here – Art and I catch ourselves singing America the beautiful song.

Another thing I found interesting is the lack of landmarks once you are out of town. I’ve always had mountains to reference, to give me some sense of direction. Here the terrain is corn field, trees, cornfield, trees, corn field trees, then silos. You can’t even use the silos as a reference point because they are all built almost exactly the same. I HAVE to use GPS just to avoid not getting lost if I’m outside of town even a little bit. I’ve found its best just to let Art drive me wherever I wanna go. I keep an eye on our location on my phone and tell him when he was suppose to turn. That’s what I’m best at.

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