Bottled Energy

I cannot believe with all our technology we haven’t found a way to SAFELY harness the energy of your average 4 year old.

Obviously Mall of America was a necessity and that was one of the first places we visited after parking here in Faribault, MN. The place is massive and I never did walk the whole thing, though I’m pretty sure Art did. We have a watch for Hannah that tracks her steps and I’m sure she could’ve walked through the wholestructure before noon on the first day! Seriously- that child consistently hits 10,000 steps before 11am even if we haven’t left Serenity. How does she do that? She has 25 feet from front to back to walk!

The mall is pretty cool just for the fact that it is sooo humongous. But it really is just a mall. The lego store was actually worth it though- Hannah spent more time standing at the minifig counter than I’ve seen her do anything else ever – except maybe sleep. She walked away (after two years of my life) with 3 minifigs that she says are her, me, and Gramma Kandi. There were also a number of Discovery and game stores that I found interesting but we can’t go on rides yet with her so there isn’t much else to do but look around- and most of them are stores you’d find at any other mall. We have been back a few times though- its a nice place to walk around when it is too humid to do anything else.

Across the street from the mall is an IKEA. Unbelievably Art had never been! I tried explaining it to him- like its sortof similar to Costco but you don’t wander aimlessly bumping into each other like a bunch of water molecules in a boiling pot. Ikea is more civilized. They guide you effortlessly like a trained mouse through the maze store so you get a chance to look at everything you didn’t realize you needed until now. Including, of course, Swedish meatballs in the center. Those meatballs tasted better than I remember by the way. Yum!

One of the other things I was told I had to try was a White Castle. I must say I was underwhelmed. After Harold and Kumar lauded it so, I guess my expectations were unreasonable high. The burgers weren’t delicious, they were just small. I should admit though that the White Castle we went to was down a couple employees and seemed to be having some issues- so maybe others are distinctly better? I dunno- it was still fun though!

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  1. Avatar Auntie Judy
    Auntie Judy says:

    You need to try another WC location. And, eat one (more like four or five) for me. Winco and Walmart offer them as frozen burgers, but they are just not the same. (Worth a try, though, for anyone wanting a sampling).

  2. White Castles are pretty much the same, like micky ds. I like them because they remind me of childhood. Hannah is so darn cute and I miss her so much,