4 Responses to She’s Getting So Big!

  1. She is really growing. I miss you all but Nate fills part of the void.
    Love to all of you. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Avatar Auntie Judy
    Auntie Judy says:

    I noticed you’re in the produce section instead of the ice cream or chips aisle… for the picture. haha!

  3. Avatar Aunt Jackie
    Aunt Jackie says:

    We miss our Hannah Bee! She is growing so fast, and I miss that sweet little giggle of hers! Please give her big hugs and kisses from her Aunt Jackie! And keep the photos coming! Loved the butterfly video too!

    • LOL. Its hardly a ‘little’ giggle. When we are in the pool we draw people from around because of her laugh. She’s loud and crazy!! Just like her Great Aunt Jackie. 😉