Don’t be too jealous of our traveling life. :)

So I have heard a little bit from some of my family and friends about how they are vicariously living through our adventures and how they are so jealous of what we are doing. I mean- agreed, we have this AWESOME opportunity to do fun things more often then if we were stationary, but I’d like to help some of you appreciate a few of the conveniences you’d give up were you to live like this EVERY DAY ALL DAY. 😀

Don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely loving our travels and what we are doing and I do not see myself ever having a huge house again, but with all the fun and all the freedom comes some truly frustrating situations.

a. My shower. I miss my beautiful tub and shower and water pressure. Depending on where we are parked we cannot seem to get more than a slow drool. I could have every sink flowing and the washer and dryer running at my previous home and it still had more pressure then we do now.

oh so sad.
oh so sad.

b. Pantry space. This is my pantry – 3 small cupboards. I can not go shopping and see things that I might cook in 4 days and get it just to be prepared. Our pantry is full of essentials for the things we need now- things we use every day. I can’t get dried beans thinking- maybe I’ll make chili this week, or coconut milk hoping to make Curry sometime before the weekend. So we go to the store more often and buy only for the next few days. That means there are that many more opportunities to buy stuff you DON’T need- like Ice cream and interesting looking cheese. Things that you can do if you only really go shopping twice a month instead of 6-8 times.


c. Laundry. Oh I soooo miss my laundry facilities. I HAVE a washer/dryer combo – and I’m super happy we got it. I don’t have dirty laundry hanging around this very small space, waiting for me to be motivated enough to tote it off to a laundromat. However, our clothes are often wrinkled because I refuse to iron every item of clothing that comes out of our tiny machine. I’ve found that if I take the things out directly after the wash cycle is done I can hang up the clothes that seem to take to wrinkling more easily. So that helps- but the machine takes about 4 hours to go through a cycle so knowing (and remembering) when the washer is done and dryer is starting– can be a problem.

I’ll share more, but these are just a few of the things that might make someone think twice about being too upset about their brick and mortar homes. Its not a vacation- it is every day. Which also means we adapt, we get use to it. We make our spaces accommodate our needs or our needs accommodate our space. Well, not the shower issue. That needs some attention. 😀

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  1. I hear your pain and I get it but I miss you