Hannah’s education

We get some mixed feedback about our choice to travel and teach Hannah on the road. I’ve spent a LOT of time worrying and a lot of time reading about what is best for her at this age and where she should be at in her abilities. She is 4 (almost 5) and many kids would be in pre-school right now. As I read about the curriculum and practices at schools I am more and more and more confident in what we are doing. I do not follow the papers I was given exactly from K12- in fact they are really just more of guideline and some fun books to read then a curriculum for now. Her education is coming mostly from our walks and talks about what she sees…and what she sees changes every month.

The people she meets are diverse and have all sorts of fun things to share with her. She was able to throw clay in Ohio, and visit with the professionals who care for the big cats and manatees at the zoo. She got to pick cotton in Mississippi. All before she is 5. I can’t wait to find new things we can show her when she is 6 and 7.

Maybe I’ll fail at some part of Hannah’s education (believe me this haunts me often) and she won’t be able to properly define why 1 is not a prime number. But she will have such a bigger view and understanding of the world then I ever did growing up.  Besides, who needs to explain why 1 is not a prime number… only my brother the math teacher really cares. 🙂 I think she will be able to handle anything life throws at her and have her choice of occupations and future – and THAT is truly the point of education.

Pictures of Hannahs education

beach throwing clay Ants picking cotton park walk


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  1. Avatar Auntie Judy
    Auntie Judy says:

    “Besides, who needs to explain why 1 is not a prime number” …that’s exactly what I was thinking reading up to this sentence. I don’t care, either….and that makes at least two of us.

  2. Avatar Bonnie olive
    Bonnie olive says:

    What you are doing is wonderful for Hannah . What a privilege to be able to see and feel instead of just reading about it . Good job mom and dad
    Sweet pictures

  3. Avatar Aunt Jackie
    Aunt Jackie says:

    Love hearing about your adventures, for you and for Hannah! She is more than likely further ahead of pre-schoolers, kinders, and 1st graders! So don’t worry about those finding your educating Hannah a problem to them….just keep doing what your doing and enjoy every minute of it! As you indicated, many are so envious of your travels. But as for me, I like a good hot shower with lots of water pressure and lots of goodies in the pantry! So, to each his own! Love you guys, miss you bunches!

  4. Avatar Gramma Kandi
    Gramma Kandi says:

    Love seeing and reading about all the new adventures Hannah is getting to experience. It will be fun to sit down and talk to her about all the new things she had learned. How cool is it that she is doing things most kids only read about. As a gramma I am okay with the not knowing about the number one but she does need the basics, which I am sure you are covering. Awesome job mom and dad.

  5. Avatar Shirley Goff
    Shirley Goff says:

    Kids need to experience life just not hear about it. She will learn a lot more in your travels to come. I know Tembrook has traveled more than most kids his age, and may not remember it all but only needs a small reminder of the things he has done. I am so glad you are enjoying your life on the road.

    • Thanks Shirley! Tembrook is an amazing little guy. You are doing a fantastic job. I agree- experience is more important than lecturing.

  6. Hannah is learning so much right now, from life experiences. You are doing a great job teaching her. Try not to doubt yourself, but I know that is what us mothers do *sigh*.

    • Oh man Lorinda- every day.. lol. Especially with the school stuff. But we are taking things slow so that she gets use to me as her teacher. She’s a tough nut as you know from first hand experience. 🙂

  7. You are doing great now I am proud of the opportunities you are giving Hannah. Still miss you but am so glad you all are taking this journey.

  8. Avatar Aimee Bellue
    Aimee Bellue says:

    Hey Kim and Hannah! This is Aimee, Isabelle’s mom. We met last weekend in Louisiana. It was wonderful meeting y’all and hope y’all have made it safely to Texas. Did you get to taste some of the food in Jennings I told you about?