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  • Zombies on a Boat!

    If you’re reading this, you were probably part of a zombie infection on the recent JoCo cruise.  We’d love to hear what you thought of our little game!  Also, anyone posting here will be entered into a raffle for a zombie themed game! Details forthcoming.  Only people with a valid email will be eligible.  Drawing to be held in June, 2018.

  • Leaving for real now

    Even though we’ve been living in Serenity for like 9 weeks, we’ve been parked with family. As we pack up to leave Wyoming and head to Minnesota I’m realizing that this is really our first destination.My sadness is strong enough i couldn’t ignore. It’s hitting me that we are leaving all family behind today for the next year! That is a long time for us, for me. These last few weeks with friends has been a good start because i didn’t really feel like i was actually gone yet. (By the way- how is it my friends’ parents turned into such awesome people like overnight? When I left home at 20 they were just these ‘rents, I go back a few years later and they are full-blown cool people! I’m sure it was them that changed and not me. 😉 )   As I look out the window to see the rolling hills of Wyoming (that greatly resemble the Prairie above Kamiah) its really hard not to worry about the family and friends we are leaving behind, whose lives will inevitably continue and change without us. They will do things I’m not a part of. The hole I’ve left behind

  • SOLD!!

    January 19, 2016 The house is sold! We ended up going with a real estate agent after I discovered that I just could not/would not do my due diligence to get our house sold. It is such a huge expense that we had to up the price we were going to charge in order to pay them. Oh well, there was never going to be any money made in this endeavor if we wanted to sell it right now. That’s okay. We really were just ready to go. The new owners of our home needed a place as soon as possible so we were able to push the ‘close’ time up from 45 days to under 30. The close date is in 10 days!! We are going to take a couple days to decompress at a hotel before heading to my home town where we will stay until our new home is delivered.   Speaking of our new home. Oh. my. pasta!! It is LOVELY. Georgetown 377TS with the Black Diamond Package. I’m so excited. We decided if we were going to live in something this small for the next 10 years- whatever we chose needed to suit our needs