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  • San Antonio New Year

    I have never experienced such ruckus as New Years Eve in San Antonio. The fireworks went on for an hour or more. It was really incredible to witness! We have had quite a few fun activities here. We’ve visited beautifully preserved monasteries, attended PAX, saw the Alamo and the Riverwalk. I have to say I don’t think I will be back here until Google maps can tell exactly which road. Never-the-less, we had a fantastic time here. .

  • Custer SD

    What a cute little town. I’m amazed by how much there is to do in this area. We will Definitely be coming back through next season. We went to Custer so that i could get my South Dakota drivers license. Found a cute little RV park with fair rates. Had intended to stay a couple days but I’m super happy we stayed the week. I wish we could have finished out the month here actually. While the sights were fun and the surroundings were beautiful, the real treasure we found though was a little family. We met a little boy and his parents. Tembrook, Garland and Shirley. Our first introduction to them was Garland hurrying out to help Art park Serenity in the spot next to theirs. They moved here from the east coast to test out the location and see if it was going to make a suitable home. Lawyers were needed in the area and Garland was able to find a position quickly. Shirley says she felt led by God to this particular place. So they up and left family and friends just like we did but for very different reasons. Tembrook is 6 years old. My heart goes out to his mother who is

  • Upton, Wyoming

    First day in Upton May 16th, Hannah and I headed out to check out the local sites. Our Amazing hosts Vickie and Guy have given us some local info to help us on our way, but I chose to get lost in town. (Art had to stay and work of course) I left Serenity and almost immediately headed out of town (oops- wrong turn). So we turned around and explored a little of the local housing. After about 20 minutes of checking stuff out I found the Red Onion Museum!! I was actually really excited thinking that there was a whole museum in a town of 800+ dedicated to red onions – which I assumed was the chosen crop of local farmers. I was soooo wrong. The woman at the museum was great and gave me a tour of the history of the town. Red Onion actually comes from a bar that was established in the early 1900’s when the town was just beginning. They often named things ‘red’ at that time because they thought it sounded happier or cheerier (as the museum woman pointed out – I wish I’d gotten her name, lets call her…Martha, she looks like a

  • 9 miles in…

    So Here she is …. Meet Serenity! On April 9th we picked up our new home from Blue Dog RV in Post Falls, ID. We drove her roughly 3 miles to her first destination (a Post Falls RV Park). Art felt that it was important to stay close for a week or so in case we found any problems that might need addressed. We stayed for 6 days then moved to my brothers backyard for 3 weeks. So 3 weeks in and Serenity has moved all of 9 miles!! Yeehaw what an adventure! :.  We will be on our way very soon though. May 14th is our date of departure. Settling in Moving from a 2400 square foot house to a 37 foot long motorhome has been a wonderful and rewarding challenge. Actually making the vehicle a home has definitely come with some unique difficulties. We have a limit of about 3300 pounds that we can bring with us. Everything else must be purged before we actually ‘set sail’. I’m not even sure how we are going to figure that out to be honest. But each item we have brought in has been considered and measured in its importance or necessity

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