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  • Tight Spaces

    Art and I don’t have a perfect marriage, I mean nobody could because nobody is perfect. But we have a very very good marriage. We have learned ways to work with and around each other- in a good way. We get along and rarely have much in the way of disagreements. If we do they are worked through and we both move on. That being said, a small space changes things. For 10 years we have lived in a home with lots of space to move and get away from each other. This allowed us each to still stay within close proximity of each other, but breath and process on our own. This is gone. I did not realize how much we used that space when we had differences of opinion. We would do our own thing for a while and come back together and he would, of course, have seen things my way! ;). juuuuust kidding. But that space and time did allow us to gain perspective and often arrive at the same conclusion separately and share it together later. We had our first disagreement in tight spaces. Here is the challenge- kitchen space. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve