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  • San Antonio New Year

    I have never experienced such ruckus as New Years Eve in San Antonio. The fireworks went on for an hour or more. It was really incredible to witness! We have had quite a few fun activities here. We’ve visited beautifully preserved monasteries, attended PAX, saw the Alamo and the Riverwalk. I have to say I don’t think I will be back here until Google maps can tell exactly which road. Never-the-less, we had a fantastic time here. .

  • Hannah’s education

    We get some mixed feedback about our choice to travel and teach Hannah on the road. I’ve spent a LOT of time worrying and a lot of time reading about what is best for her at this age and where she should be at in her abilities. She is 4 (almost 5) and many kids would be in pre-school right now. As I read about the curriculum and practices at schools I am more and more and more confident in what we are doing. I do not follow the papers I was given exactly from K12- in fact they are really just more of guideline and some fun books to read then a curriculum for now. Her education is coming mostly from our walks and talks about what she sees…and what she sees changes every month. The people she meets are diverse and have all sorts of fun things to share with her. She was able to throw clay in Ohio, and visit with the professionals who care for the big cats and manatees at the zoo. She got to pick cotton in Mississippi. All before she is 5. I can’t wait to find new things we can show her when

  • Don’t be too jealous of our traveling life. :)

    So I have heard a little bit from some of my family and friends about how they are vicariously living through our adventures and how they are so jealous of what we are doing. I mean- agreed, we have this AWESOME opportunity to do fun things more often then if we were stationary, but I’d like to help some of you appreciate a few of the conveniences you’d give up were you to live like this EVERY DAY ALL DAY. 😀 Don’t get me wrong. I am absolutely loving our travels and what we are doing and I do not see myself ever having a huge house again, but with all the fun and all the freedom comes some truly frustrating situations. a. My shower. I miss my beautiful tub and shower and water pressure. Depending on where we are parked we cannot seem to get more than a slow drool. I could have every sink flowing and the washer and dryer running at my previous home and it still had more pressure then we do now. b. Pantry space. This is my pantry – 3 small cupboards. I can not go shopping and see things that I might cook

  • Como Park Zoo – Butterflies!

    So here’s the famous butterfly encounter at the Como Zoo.  Watch the video (by clicking it anywhere) and you might get a chance to hear Hannah giggle or even see her in action!  I apologize for the quality, as I was too busy trying to not step on butterflies than to actually watch the video. The whole experience is very similar to one Kimberly and I had on San Marteen.  There’s a butterfly farm there (which gets wiped out by hurricanes every decade or so) a lot like this one, only slightly bigger.  The only real difference was that we got to see butterflies in chrysalis, and some even in cacoons. It’s sad that butterflies have become so rare, but if you want to see some monarchs in your garden plant milkweed!  Go to the following websites to learn more about how you can attract butterflies to your gardens, even get free seeds! http://www.saveourmonarchs.org/ http://www.thebutterflyfarm.com/ http://www.nwf.org/Butterfly-Heroes.aspx