We knew we had to go to Wisconsin for some cheese-because of course you do. On our way we stopped at a place we found called the Crystal Cave. Very interesting. I was concerned that claustrophobia was going to cause us to cut the tour short but both Hannah and I were fine to the very bottom at 70 feet below the surface. Even when our guide had us turn all our lights out and it was so dark that we could not even see our own hands in front of our faces. To be honest I don’t think I would have done it if we didn’t have a tour guide.  I figure there is a reason we humans have usually built our dwellings above ground. I’m not a bat with an innate sense of direction, in fact – as most of you know I could get lost in my backyard. Caves are right out! It was still fun though and I might even do it again! On to the cheese – so we walk into a little store whose sole purpose was to supply its customers, namely me, with the best culinary invention ever – cheese. We were so excited! The

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  • Leaving for real now

    Even though we’ve been living in Serenity for like 9 weeks, we’ve been parked with family. As we pack up to leave Wyoming and head to Minnesota I’m realizing that this is really our first destination.My sadness is strong enough i couldn’t ignore. It’s hitting me that we are leaving all family behind today for the next year! That is a long time for us, for me. These last few weeks with friends has been a good start because i didn’t really feel like i was actually gone yet. (By the way- how is it my friends’ parents turned into such awesome people like overnight? When I left home at 20 they were just these ‘rents, I go back a few years later and they are full-blown cool people! I’m sure it was them that changed and not me. 😉 )   As I look out the window to see the rolling hills of Wyoming (that greatly resemble the Prairie above Kamiah) its really hard not to worry about the family and friends we are leaving behind, whose lives will inevitably continue and change without us. They will do things I’m not a part of. The hole I’ve left behind

  • Custer SD

    What a cute little town. I’m amazed by how much there is to do in this area. We will Definitely be coming back through next season. We went to Custer so that i could get my South Dakota drivers license. Found a cute little RV park with fair rates. Had intended to stay a couple days but I’m super happy we stayed the week. I wish we could have finished out the month here actually. While the sights were fun and the surroundings were beautiful, the real treasure we found though was a little family. We met a little boy and his parents. Tembrook, Garland and Shirley. Our first introduction to them was Garland hurrying out to help Art park Serenity in the spot next to theirs. They moved here from the east coast to test out the location and see if it was going to make a suitable home. Lawyers were needed in the area and Garland was able to find a position quickly. Shirley says she felt led by God to this particular place. So they up and left family and friends just like we did but for very different reasons. Tembrook is 6 years old. My heart goes out to his mother who is

  • Mount Rushmore

    Lots of fun today at Mount Rushmore and a drive on Wildlife Loop Road in SD. Its really amazing how in one day you can drive from the Needles Hwy, to Crazy Horse, to Mount Rushmore and still see Bears and Buffalo on ‘the loop’- you can look across the huge valley and see the other landmarks. The roads they have built allow you to see so much beauty in such a short time. Glad I’m here more than just one day to go and do it all again! Here’s a few pics of just a little bit of what we saw today.

  • Drive through the woods today in South Dakota

    Found a really cute little rv park here in Custer, South Dakota. Hannah met a new friend almost the minute we arrived. A young boy of 6 who is parked right next to us! The whole family seems very nice. I can’t believe how amazing most of the people are that we have met so far. We had a beautiful drive through the SD state parks. Just so happens we are here at the best time possible because all the parks are free this weekend! YAY! Going to try to get in some free fishing tomorrow. Will be Ensign Hannah’s FIRST time fishing. Can’t believe her Uncle Chris isn’t here to ‘show her the ropes’ – or in my case, hours of knotted fishing line. Sadly, it is super foggy, but it only added to the ambiance while we drove through crazy amazing tunnels and Needles Highway. No Mount Rushmore or Chief Crazy Horse today. Just too foggy. Hopefully tomorrow will give us better results.  

  • Tight Spaces

    Art and I don’t have a perfect marriage, I mean nobody could because nobody is perfect. But we have a very very good marriage. We have learned ways to work with and around each other- in a good way. We get along and rarely have much in the way of disagreements. If we do they are worked through and we both move on. That being said, a small space changes things. For 10 years we have lived in a home with lots of space to move and get away from each other. This allowed us each to still stay within close proximity of each other, but breath and process on our own. This is gone. I did not realize how much we used that space when we had differences of opinion. We would do our own thing for a while and come back together and he would, of course, have seen things my way! ;). juuuuust kidding. But that space and time did allow us to gain perspective and often arrive at the same conclusion separately and share it together later. We had our first disagreement in tight spaces. Here is the challenge- kitchen space. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve

  • Devils Tower

    May 17th – Devils Tower. I know it looks like I forgot the apostrophe, but apparently there was a clerical error when establishing it as the first national monument and it was never corrected. So it is .. Devils Tower. Vickie and Guy with their three AMAZING grandkiddos in tow took us out there late in the afternoon to hike around the trail. There is not much that needs to be said about this place, it’s simply beautiful and the pictures will do the talking.

  • Upton, Wyoming

    First day in Upton May 16th, Hannah and I headed out to check out the local sites. Our Amazing hosts Vickie and Guy have given us some local info to help us on our way, but I chose to get lost in town. (Art had to stay and work of course) I left Serenity and almost immediately headed out of town (oops- wrong turn). So we turned around and explored a little of the local housing. After about 20 minutes of checking stuff out I found the Red Onion Museum!! I was actually really excited thinking that there was a whole museum in a town of 800+ dedicated to red onions – which I assumed was the chosen crop of local farmers. I was soooo wrong. The woman at the museum was great and gave me a tour of the history of the town. Red Onion actually comes from a bar that was established in the early 1900’s when the town was just beginning. They often named things ‘red’ at that time because they thought it sounded happier or cheerier (as the museum woman pointed out – I wish I’d gotten her name, lets call her…Martha, she looks like a