• 9 miles in…

    So Here she is …. Meet Serenity! On April 9th we picked up our new home from Blue Dog RV in Post Falls, ID. We drove her roughly 3 miles to her first destination (a Post Falls RV Park). Art felt that it was important to stay close for a week or so in case we found any problems that might need addressed. We stayed for 6 days then moved to my brothers backyard for 3 weeks. So 3 weeks in and Serenity has moved all of 9 miles!! Yeehaw what an adventure! :.  We will be on our way very soon though. May 14th is our date of departure. Settling in Moving from a 2400 square foot house to a 37 foot long motorhome has been a wonderful and rewarding challenge. Actually making the vehicle a home has definitely come with some unique difficulties. We have a limit of about 3300 pounds that we can bring with us. Everything else must be purged before we actually ‘set sail’. I’m not even sure how we are going to figure that out to be honest. But each item we have brought in has been considered and measured in its importance or necessity

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  • SOLD!!

    January 19, 2016 The house is sold! We ended up going with a real estate agent after I discovered that I just could not/would not do my due diligence to get our house sold. It is such a huge expense that we had to up the price we were going to charge in order to pay them. Oh well, there was never going to be any money made in this endeavor if we wanted to sell it right now. That’s okay. We really were just ready to go. The new owners of our home needed a place as soon as possible so we were able to push the ‘close’ time up from 45 days to under 30. The close date is in 10 days!! We are going to take a couple days to decompress at a hotel before heading to my home town where we will stay until our new home is delivered.   Speaking of our new home. Oh. my. pasta!! It is LOVELY. Georgetown 377TS with the Black Diamond Package. I’m so excited. We decided if we were going to live in something this small for the next 10 years- whatever we chose needed to suit our needs

  • A new less cluttered us!

    I never realized how much my stuff was weighing me down until my husband and I began talking about letting go of our home. We have lived here for 10 years and have loved it. Once we started talking about downsizing though, the passing ‘what if’ scenario grew into an obsession. Fast forward a very short 3 weeks and we are now actively looking for a motorhome or RV. We have discussed renting a small apartment for a while but have troubles finding month to month rentals in our area. The house we live in is a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath 2400 sq foot suburban two story that sits on ⅓ of an acre. Up until 1 month ago I had some ambitious plans for the backyard that I was ever so slowly tackling through this summer. My plans have changed now to include only the minimal amount of work to get our house sold. We bought this place at the peak of the selling season in 2006. Paid a good price at the time but shortly after we bought, the market crashed and we were immediately upside down in our mortgage. It appears we were somewhat swindled into a double